A review : Redhorse Muziklaban

February 8, 2013
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The much awaited Redhorse Muziklaban Grand Finals held at Edsa cor. Roxas blvd. last Feb 2, 2013.  With performances by: Mayonnaise, Razorback, Greyhoundz, David vs Goliath, Wilabaliw, Kjwan, Queso, Slapshock, Ely Buendia and Pepe Smith.

It’s a hot saturday afternoon and I’m driving my way to the Redhorse Muziklaban Grand Finals. As I get closer to the venue, I can see a vast crowd crumpled together which makes me really excited as this is will be my first cover for Redhorse Muziklaban. This is all thanks to Paga Manikan of Mayonnaise, of course I would like to thank the whole band too!!

A view of the backstage

Aside from taking pictures using my dslr, I was also taking snaps using my Samsung Galaxy Note 2. And yes, I was impressed with the quality the Note 2. It’s like a digital camera injected with a phone and computer features!

This band was the first Redhorse Muziklaban Grand Champion for the year 2004. They’re a big influence to a lot of aspiring musicians out there. As the year goes by, they still create great music and never fails the crowd. “Jopay” and “Bakit Part 2” were their greatest singles that became a hit to the local music scene. And of course my personal favorite, “The Only Thing“. The first band to enter the stage – Mayonnaise.

Payaso“, one of their greatest single. The second performer for the night. Kevin Roy of Razorback!

I’m really impressed with the finalist for this year. Every year just gets heavier and heavier. As for the grand champion for this year’s Redhorse Muziklaban is “A Music Theory“.

Some of the performances by the finalists:

After the finalists’ performance, it’s time for me to eat! Hotdog and pasta for me! Being an event photographer / photojournalist is really a hard job. We tend to eat at the end of the event so before everything else, we make sure we ate a lot before the event so that we’ll have enough energy. Okay, I cheated a little. I ate during the event because I was really hungry. But I really have to eat fast or else I’ll miss some good snaps!

Actually, I forgot the next order of band performances so I’ll just pick randomly.

Ely Buendia of Pupil

Greyhoundz singing “Apoy” with apoy all over.

The return of Jerry Basco. This band had a wild performance! One of my favorites, Slapshock. From a rap metal band, rnb rock and different mixtures of genre. They never fail to amuse me.

Otso Tolera of Queso.

Isok with his dancing grooves – Wilabaliw

Mark Abaya of Kjwan. I just love this shot! And yes, this is taken using my Samsung Note 2.

And of course, the event is nothing without these great emcees.

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