Night of the Girls (Girls on Fire) @ HelloStrange Productions

March 17, 2013
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Another Night of the Girls (Girls on Fire) presented by HelloStrange Productions in celebration of Fire Prevention Month and International Women’s Month, thanks to Eric Strange!

Last night was a blast! Great bands, great music, lovely girls! This is the 3rd Night of the Girls by HelloStrange Productions and will definitely watch another. If you have missed the gig last night, too bad you miss a great set of line-up. Having said, the bands that performed are: Bad Hair Day, Moonwlk, Fuseboxx, Imago, Duster, Flying Ipis, Phonic Dialog and Chocolate Grass. Below are some colorful snaps as to how colorful these bands played last night! Enjoy!

Bad Hair Day

It’s my first time to listen to this band. They may look young but their music is something you should listen to.


This great dynamic duo really gives me the chill. A very relaxing dance-techo beat. I love the “Moonwlk” scribble on her arm.


These guys are one of my favorites. Been listening to them ever since but this is my first time to watch them live. What really amazed me is Abby, their vox, uses a very weird musical instrument which they call a “Stick”. If I’m not mistaken, it’s 12 stringed. And oh, she also plays synth at the same time. That’s what you call multi-tasking!


This band has been in the music industry for several years already and still rocking the local music scene.


The Katwo + Saab on vox. Great tandem for these two. I’ve been watching Katwo since her Narda days and even watched them on NU’s 107 In The Raw. She was my college crush up until now. (Oh, she’s married to Nico Puertollano btw)

Flying Ipis

Flying Ipis really rocked the floor with their very aggressive set. The lyrics of their songs are full of emotions that sparked every music of theirs.

Phonic Dialog

Creative riffs and one hell of a set. These ladies will rock your heart out.

Chocolate Grass

Want a chillax-mode music? Chocolate Grass is a definitely must listen to. They give a very calm ambiance.

Olryt! These are just some snaps of what you missed that night. I’ll be posting the rest of the set for each band as soon as I get my ass done on some of my projects. So for the mean time, please do check out other entries on my site and don’t forget to drop by at

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