Tubby Trousers presents “Sonic Youth Night”

March 27, 2013
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Tubby Trousers

March 26, Tuesday @ Saguijo

featuring covers from:
– Peso Movement = covering “Sugar Cane”
– Turbo Goth = covering “100%”
– Identikit = covering ” Bull in the Heather” and “Little Trouble Girl”
– Mount Analogue = covering “The Diamond Sea”, “Death Valley, and “Mildred Pierce”
– Glen Coco = covering “Kool Thing”
– Tether = covering “Screaming Skull” and “Starfield Road”

Entrance is 150 pesos with one FREE BEER.

Thanks to Joe, Sandy, Darrel and Manny of Identikit. Really enjoyed last night’s gig. Awesome gig as always. Hope to cover more of Tubby Trousers and Identikit. For the mean time, here’s a teaser of what you missed last night. Enter the cosmic sound of Identikit, Turbo Goth, Mount Analogue, Glen Coco and Peso Movement. Enjoy!

Stickers… Stickers everywhere

Mount Analogue

The smoking-hot Turbo Goth. See the many faces of Turbo Goth with the sound of their lights.

Peso Movement

Identikit and their wonderful cosmic noise.

Glen Coco

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