Rickson Chew

A certified Six Sigma White Belt (CSSWB) software engineer with a spice of unconventional and guerrilla creative direction.

I’m a certified six sigma white belt (CSSWB) software engineer by profession wherein I specialize in building web applications. In terms of tech stack, Laravel + Lumen + VueJS + SAAS + MySQL are my run and gun. Aside from those, I also have experience using ReactJS, JQuery, Javascript (vanilla / plain), Zend, Python, ASP.NET, Java, Codeigniter, Joomla, Drupal and Magento.

Some of the apps I developed are booking sites, e-commerce, blogs, custom dashboards, HRIS, job portals, student and school portals, web crawlers and scrapers, reporting tools, and a lot more to mention.

As a lead developer, I was able to handle a team of 8 in which for me is the ideal number of members in a scrum team. More than that would create chaos that you would never want to imagine.

It is an honor to collaborate with creative minded people and with that, I was able to work with start-ups and fortune 500 companies.

To keep myself sane from too much logical thinking, I switch to my hobbies; photography, music, travel and doodling. Of course, these hobbies of mine are expensive so I ventured them to their own entity and turned it into something profitable. If you were to ask how many are they, they are more of an ordinary person’s toes and fingers. However, it’s quite exhausting managing that number of projects so I trimmed them down and only focus what really matters the most.

I’ll try to keep this site updated with content that mostly covers a day in a life of a software engineer, programming tutorials and rants.